Beautiful but Impermanent

Water droplets on rice leaves in a paddy field in Ampara.

This reminds me a poem from ලෝ වැඩ සඟරාව which delves on impermanence of life: පණ නම් තණ අග පිණි බිඳු වැන්නේ (life is [impermanent] like water droplets on grass).

From the set Ampara - December, 2006.


Hakim said...

Awesome photographs bro! You keep getting better by every click. Keep on clicking and all the best.

RadhaKrishna Balla said...

wallpaper stuff.
excellent capture and an even better caption.

RadhaKrishna Balla said...

i tried some similar shots in the fields once - didn't try that macro though.
u can find them here - http://klachak.blogspot.com/2006/03/crops-on-hill.html

Dasunpriya Anuradha said...

I still remember you taking that photo early morning. I captured a photo of you-taking-that-photo. ;-) No words bro, Nice pic indeed!