Borders of Nature

First I must confess that I had no clue how the photo would come up while shooting what was "up" with my now-retired Canon A70. Recently I tried to take similar shots at the same location just past the Gymnasium and Swimming Pool at the University of Peradeniya, but timing and lighting was never this good.

Apart from the spectacular patterns of tree branches, it is interesting to see "borders", or gaps, between tree branches, and smaller borders between sub branches and so on.

From the set University of Peradeniya - October, 2005.


enTRpy said...

Wow! That is truly amazing! Thanks for posting it.

Parthi said...

fantastic shot! looks like a print...keep it up

Nandasiri Wanninayaka said...

This is so cool. I was born and bred in a village in a jungle but never saw the sky in this angle through the branches of trees. I must see it once I go back to the village.